Prophetic Look For 2020
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Prophetic Picture of the Year 2020  

This is an extremely interesting year. It is what you can call a palm up, a palm down. Palm up - reception and collection. Palm down - loosing or turning away. Palm up for giving and generosity Palm down for covering sins under which no man can prosper.

1. A year of rewriting negative family history.

2. A year of aggressive prayers against voices from the foundation.

3. A year of unbelievable answers to prayers.

4. A year of uncommon testimonies; it can be only God-testimony

5. A year where many captives will totally divorce their chains.

6. A year where for the students in the school of prayer; there should be consistent activating of the blood of Jesus.

7. A year where the Lord shall dash to pieces the kingdom of evil rulers.

8. Many families shall climb to the new height of victories.

9. A year of ceaseless prayer and fervent intercession.

10. A year of when saints must be sensitive to heavenly frequencies.

11. A year of food supply from the kingdom of Herod shall be cut off.

12. A year where disobedience to God will yield terrible results that no deliverance can reverse.

13. A year where round the clock prayer is needed against restlessness and plus political and economic confusion.

14. A year where impatience will lure many into strange marriages. Figure "20" is a figure for waiting and perfection.

15. A year not only to take back what the enemy has stolen but to occupy new territories.

16. A year where strong prayers are needed to avert earthquakes and fire.

17. A year of an increased and unprecedented level of the move of God's power.

18. A year where you cannot hold on to unforgiveness.

19. A year that will certainly be a mercy and confusing year.

20. A year where some major leaders will be unbelievably shifted away.

21. A year where many seeds planted in the previous will begin to boom, blossoms.

22. A year where many who have enjoyed seasons of darkness, seasons of delay, seasons of tribulations will sing their songs and dance their dance.

23. A year of the return of long-time prodigals who have repented.

24. A year where we must return to our ancient landmark. Jeremiah 6:16-17.

25. A year of perfection for divine vision.

26. A year of positive and negative harvest, so do well this year.

27. Extraordinary and sacrificial giving will give a very powerful result.

28. A year that will be up and down year.

29. A year the Lord will tear down to pieces the kingdom of those boasting against Him.

30. A year where those things that have delayed the breakthrough of God's children shall be dashed to pieces.

31. That which is known as the Resurrection Power will bring back dry bones or rattle dry bones.

32. A year where the Lord will bring a turning point and a fresh start for people.

33. More than any other year, the enemy plan to bring the dog spirit of strange sexual perversion, strange sexual urges that will destroy destinies.


1. Tongue

2. Sexual Organs


1. Flee every tempting situation and company

2. Let your head be correct. Think deeply about the consequences of what you are about to do, don't allow your brain to control your reproductive organs.

3. Flee from pornography

4. When such urges come, engage them in distraction; do something else.

5. Quote scripture; read your Bible every day

6. Speak in tongues if you have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

7. Engage in deep praises and worship.

8. Get out of the environment where you find it difficult to control your urges.

9. Avoid situations that trigger sexual urges.

10. Avoid masturbation.

11. Abstain from hard drugs and alcohol.

12. Control your thought by the Holy Spirit.

13. Keep yourself very busy.

14. Take a cold or warm shower.

15. Be a man of prayers.

16. If all you are thinking about is sex, it means you need to go for deliverance from the pollution of the enemy.


1. Holy living; not negotiable.

2. No non-sense prayers.

3. Bible addiction.

4. Self-control.

5. Sacrificial giving

6. Hard work

7. Watchfulness.

For us in Mountain of Fire and Miracles, Ministries:

- we must commit ourselves to practical, passionate and committed prayers, pray mad prayers like prophet Elijah.

- we need to pray Hannah's style of prayer. (drunken)

- we need to pray Jesus' style of prayer. (sweat dropped like blood)

For us in MFM:

2020 is our Year of SPIRITUAL REVIVAL AND NEW GLORY: Psalm 116:8, Psalm 138:7, Isaiah 60:1 and Romans 8:13.